Enjoy the eternal spring of the Canary Islands in the flat of your dreams.

Abama Resort offers Tenerife luxury apartments and world-class services in one of the most exclusive communities on the Atlantic Ocean. Buy and enjoy your serviced apartment in Tenerife without the hassle of day-to-day management. Our team will leave you free to enjoy the microclimate between the ocean and the Teide National Park.

Views, beaches and gastronomy in a golf community

Our Dave Thomas-designed golf course is becoming known as one of the finest in Europe for golf holidays.

Ultimate relaxation in a pristine haven

Because there is no greater luxury than time, let Abama manage your home and offer you the exclusivity of a Tenerife luxury apartment. Relax in our sport facilities, excellent restaurants or the pristine haven of our secluded beach. Enjoy and stay for a lifetime.

Join one of the most exclusive communities in the world.

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