Join us at the Owners Cup 2022

After a long period without being able to gather together, we are delighted that our wonderful community of owners will have the opportunity to do so at the VII Abama Owners Cup from October 7th-8th, 2022.

This year our activities are designed to bring us back to the roots. We offer you a carefully curated program that will return us to the source, to the simple life…to the essential. Indigenous products, the local economy, and connecting with this beautiful island will give us the natural strength we need to refresh our bodies and minds.

We hope you enjoy these two days of activities created just for you, and we’ll bid you hasta pronto with the wish that this event allows us to renew our sense of community and make some wonderful new memories.

Elodie Casola Elodie Casola Marketing & Communications Director, Arum Group

7th Owners Golf Tournament

07 October 2022 9:00 - 13:00h on the Abama Golf Course

It’s been two long years since we all last met to compete in the Abama Owners Cup Golf Tournament, and this 7th Edition promises to be as exciting as our previous championships. We’ll come together again on our fantastic Dave Thomas golf course, and may the best team win!

As in years past, as we move through the 18 holes there will be plenty of surprises and little gifts for our players to make the day special.

Players must be 16 years or older to participate.

From the green heart of Abama

Family activity: Abama Wellness Beginners Practice

07 October 2022 10:00 - 10:45h at Las Terrazas Pool 2

Abama Wellness presents a special open practice session for the whole family led by Mili Gentile, yoga guru and expert in Ayurveda and Vedic astrology. She’ll provide a space where we can connect with our bodies and align our energy flows to enjoy physical activity and stretching in pursuit of harmony.

Please wear comfortable clothes for this activity. We will provide the practice mat and each participant will receive a small gift.

Total attendance capped at 20 people. Children must be at least 12 years old to participate.

seeking harmony of motion

Abama Prestige Talk: Oris Diversity & Oceans

07 October 2022 12:30 - 13:15h at Melvin restaurant

Abama Prestige Talks will present Oris International’s ambassador Francis Pérez. This native Canary Islander has dedicated the past twenty years of his career to marine photography, particularly of the whale population off the southwest coast of Tenerife near Abama. He was nominated as Wildlife Photographer of the Year and is a regular contributor to National Geographic Spain on biodiversity issues in the marine environment of the Canary Islands.

His talk, entitled “Eco-diversity of the oceans, the Abama coast, and the whale protection corridor” will provide fascinating insights into this world-renowned natural area right on our doorstep. His images will offer different perspectives on nature in its purest state, and deepen our understanding of the need to respect our natural environment and the importance of conservation.

Total attendance capped at 30 people. Children must be at least 12 years old to participate.

to the deep blue of the ocean

Oris Masterclass: Timekeeping

07 October 2022 13:15 - 14:15h at Melvin restaurant

Those with a scientific mind will be delighted with this dive into the mechanics of one of our most ubiquitous and practical accessories. A professional watchmaker from the Oris sport watch team will lead this masterclass in which you’ll discover all the secrets of timekeeping and the tiny machines that accompany us in every walk of life. You’ll marvel at the means by which our traditional watches function as we take them apart and put them together again, unraveling the mysteries of the machines we carry with us.

Oris will treat participants to a glass of Spanish wine during the masterclass.

Total attendance capped at 30 people.

in time with a perfect machine

Abama Prestige Owners Club Presentation

07 October 2022 15:00 - 16:00h at Melvin restaurant

After the Oris Masterclass, there will be a presentation about the Abama Properties projects in which we will update owners on the status of ongoing and future projects, sales, and what to expect from Abama Luxury Residences in the coming year.

Owners Club Presentation
sharing the new Abama direction

Back to the Roots Gastronomic Experience

07 October 2022 19:00 - 22:00h at La Calabacera, Playa San Juan (transport provided)

In line with this year’s theme, “Back to the roots”, we’ll take you on a gastronomic tasting experience in which you’ll return to the source of the food on your table…a source that is authentic, pure, and local.

We’ll transport you to the La Calabacera organic farm, located at the heart of Guía de Isora and dedicated to the organic cultivation of bananas and other fruit and vegetables on 150,000 sqm. of land. Fine dining and local produce will come together in a dinner tasting menu and a set of small workshops of local cooking styles, capped with a show cooking demonstration of seasonal vegetables by Melvin restaurant.

Transport is included and attendance is capped at 120 people. Children must be at least 16 years old to attend.

that brings us back to our roots

Friendly Tennis Match Exhibition

08 October 2022 9:00 - 11:00h at the Abama Tennis Centre

Sport returns on Saturday morning with a friendly exhibition match between former World No.5 Henri Leconte and former World Doubles No.3 Marc López.

It’s an opportunity to learn from two great tennis players and experience the game up close and at another level as the excitement volleys back and forth at one of the most beautiful tennis centers in Europe.

After the match we’ll provide a space to toast with the players.

an arrow to the core

Eva Divine Fashion Show & Cocktail

08 October 2022 11:30 - 13:00h at Las Terrazas Pool 2

It’s time for a sunny morning at the pool while watching a fashion show that features the latest trends in swimwear and accessories by Eva Divine. This national designer will show off her line, Paradise Canarien, which features in the luxury boutiques of The Ritz-Carlton, Abama and other locations on the island.

The fashion show will be accompanied by a Melvin restaurant cocktail and the relaxed musical ambience of our DJ.

that cuts to the edge

Prestige Owners Award Dinner

08 October 2022 18:30 - 24:00h in the Abama Event Garden

Dinner and dancing will cap our weekend at the always highly anticipated Prestige Owners Award Dinner, made twice as special in 2022 for being our first celebration in two years.

The sonic atmosphere will bring us back to the roots as well, as we explore the Canary Islands and other world cultures through their indigenous instruments and musical essence. We’ll trace the evolution of sound from the vibrations of the lithophone, a rudimentary instrument made of stone, to quartz bowls.

In this new edition, in line with the concept of local culture, dinner will be provided by the Drago Gamonal Team, managed by one of the most renowned chefs in the Canary Islands, and followed by the VII Abama Owners Cup awards ceremony.

For the dress code, please include something vintage in your ensemble. Children must be 16 or older to attend.

in ecstatic celebration

Prices & Notes

07 October 2022

The price per person will be €160.50 (IGIC tax included), and this will cover entry to everything in the program. It is not possible to purchase activities individually. When you register the people in your party, the payment platform will multiply this entry price by the number of people who you have indicated will attend.

Entry can only be purchased for individuals 16 and older, though children between 12 and 15 may attend the family yoga session, the Oceans talk, the exhibition tennis match, and the fashion show for free.

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