Long favoured by the European traveller, Tenerife holidays offer much more than a resort vacation

An oasis on the Island of Eternal Spring

Ensconced in the southwestern Tenerife municipality of Guía de Isora, Abama’s 400 acres offer the best of the best in a luxury resort. Among Tenerife’s varied microclimates, Guía de Isora’s is considered the most favoured, benefitting from both the trade winds and the Gulf Stream. 61% of the municipality’s territory is protected, and the Teide National Park offers incredible vistas, hiking and opportunities to observe flora and fauna.

Excellent air connections

Tenerife enjoys excellent air connections to a number of major cities with regular flights arriving and departing from its two airports (Tenerife North and Tenerife South).

  • Madrid — 2h 50
  • Barcelona — 3h 10
  • Berlin — 5h 15
  • Brussels — 4h 25
  • Dublin — 4h 30
  • Frankfurt — 4h 50
  • Kiev — 6h 45
  • London — 4h 15
  • Manchester — 4h 45
  • Milan — 4h 35
  • Moscow — 7h 15
  • Paris — 4h 15
  • Vienna — 5h 15
  • Zurich — 4h 25

The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands, lying just north of the Tropic of Cancer and a few hundred kilometres from the African coast, have long been a favourite destination of the European traveller. With over 3,000 hours of sun per year, and an average temperature of 21ºC (71.6ºF), the 7-island archipelago’s 12 months of springtime weather provide a welcome retreat from the northern climes. The islands, which comprise Spain’s southernmost autonomous region, are a wonder of natural, geographic and demographic diversity, with 250km of beaches and four protected national parks. Volcanic in origin, the islands support a rich variety of endemic flora and fauna.


Tenerife, the middle island in the archipelago, is the largest of the seven in terms of both area and population. Like the rest of the islands, Tenerife weather boasts a great number of distinct microclimates, and these contribute to its extreme biodiversity and unique geography. Among the islands, in fact, Tenerife boasts the largest number of protected areas (43), as well as a National Park and two UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

One of the latter is El Teide, the third-largest volcano in the world as measured from its base. The volcano is the site of the professional Teide Observatory, whose unique location and elevation make it ideal for astronomical observation.

Cultural diversity

Tenerife’s cultural diversity is as broad as its natural diversity, with tremendously varied gastronomy, traditions and activities for couples, families and solo travellers. Take a sunset boat cruise, enjoy wine tasting at some of the local vineyards, or come for the internationally renowned Carnival de Santa Cruz or one of the many popular religious festivals. There are dozens of planned tourism routes to choose from, or you can explore the island on your own. And with the other six islands just a ferry ride away, the options are nearly endless for your Tenerife holidays.

Abama Resort

Abama itself is a peaceful oasis in the arid volcanic landscape, a luxurious retreat from typical Tenerife tourism for those seeking a bit of tranquillity. Nonetheless, all the island’s points of interest are within easy reach of the resort. Besides the capital, Santa Cruz, the varied gastronomy and sport offer of the region, and traditional local artisanal and farmers’ markets, you can explore the neighbouring Playa San Juan, an unspoilt traditional fishing village with authentic Canary Island charm. Sample fresh fish dishes or take a stroll along the promenade; they’re only 5 minutes away from Abama by car.

Arriving at the resort from overseas is simple. Upon landing, a 30-minute drive from Tenerife South/Reina Sofia Airport (TFS) or a 1h15 drive from Tenerife North/Los Rodeos Airport (TFN) will bring you to your door. For those guests arriving by helicopter, there is a private heliport on Abama’s grounds. For more information about transport from airports to the resort or from the resort to other locations on the island, please contact The Ritz-Carlton, Abama.

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