Step away from the bustle of daily life and into an oasis where time seems to stop

Tenerife's secluded paradise

Abama Resort Tenerife is designed to serve its guests’ every wish with impeccable service and understated elegance. Guía de Isora, on the island of Tenerife, is a paradise within a paradise. With 12 months of spring weather and incomparable views of the Atlantic Ocean and nearby Canary Islands, there’s no place better in the world.

Luxury properties of the highest standard

Whether searching for the perfect parcel of land or a custom villa already completed and elegantly decorated, you’ll find your answer at Abama Resort. Each one of our luxury properties has been designed to meet the highest standards of aesthetics and modern construction

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World-class sport and leisure facilities

From the finest golf holidays, to our professional tennis and padél facilities and our magnificent beach and pier, we have everything you need for your sport and leisure needs.

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Next steps

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