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Would you benefit from private classes at the Abama Golf Academy?

Private classes at the Abama Golf Academy

If there’s one thing you can be sure of as a resident of our properties in Tenerife, it’s that the Abama Golf Academy and one of the best courses in Europe offer everything you need to improve your handicap. Living in our luxury resort in Tenerife will let you enjoy the archipelago’s marvellous tropical climate all year, as well as some of the best views of the Atlantic on the continent. To live at Abama is to enjoy surroundings that are as close to heaven as you’ll get, especially if you are an inveterate golfer.

Part of the reason growing numbers of aficionados are choosing a luxury residence at Abama is the spectacular design of our Dave Thomas golf course and the wonderful facilities that surround it. Our Golf Academy adapts itself to golfers of every level, because you don’t need to be a putting master to enjoy playing. The beautiful greens, dotted with palm trees and immaculate sand bunkers bathed in the Spanish sun, are designed to satisfy the most experienced players while still allowing beginners to improve without feeling overwhelmed by an excessively technical course.

And, given that the course is adequate for all levels of players, our private Golf Academy classes adapt to everyone as well. Our instructors, captained by Sebastian Miller García, are at the service of anyone looking to challenge herself and improve her game. Patience and dedication are the keys for any player, but having a 5-hectare practice area doesn’t hurt either!

Every day there are more who flock to the chipping and putting greens as well as the practice course at our Academy to improve their technique. If you’re among those players who demand much from themselves and are always looking to improve, no matter your level, our private classes are for you. The practice area of the Abama Golf Academy includes three par-3 holes so that you can develop your game more effectively. Our private classes last an hour and are for two people. But if you want to dedicate yourself further, we also offer intensive courses for 9 or 18 holes with a green fee included. And if you like, you can reserve a Taylor Made Fitting so that your set of clubs and balls adapts best to your style and level of play.

As you can see, you’re not only fortunate to have a spectacular course just steps from your villa in Tenerife, but an endless list of resources at your fingertips so that you can improve a bit every day. Stop debating and put yourself in the hands of the professionals at the Abama Golf Academy today! You’ll soon be surprising friends and strangers with spectacular drives that you never knew you had in you.

When would you like to begin? Contact us on +34 922 126 300 or by email at info@abamagolf.com to find out more about the above offers and other specialised classes. We’ll adapt ourselves to your preferences with complimentary club rental and other interesting offers. Come down and learn what awaits you just a stone’s throw from your residence at Abama.

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