Tips from Abama decorator Rita Roses to refresh your indoor life

If you’re up for a little project to distract yourself today, Abama offers ways to change your environment without buying anything new.

Feeling a little stir-crazy around the house? Tired of looking at the same four walls? If you’re up for a little project to distract yourself today, there are ways to change your environment without buying anything new. We consulted our resident expert in aesthetics, Rita Roses, who decorated our Los Jardines de Abama apartments, as well as Las Villas del Tenis.

Rita is a pro at making everything she touches look classy and elegant, and the secret, as always, is simplicity and intention. Try to inject a bit of beauty into the everyday, and you’ll be surprised by how positively it affects your mood.

Fresh bouquets

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, spend a few minutes outside, basking in the sun and picking fresh flowers or grasses to make a bouquet. Take your time placing them in a vase; it’s not for nothing that flower arrangement is an ancient art in Japan. This moment of calm can turn to one of meditation, with all the numerous benefits that the practice brings to your mental health and outlook.

For those who don’t have access to plants from home, all is not lost. If you are very patient (and have good fine-motor skills), you can try your hand at making these incredible paper roses or paper carnations. They’ll look just as amazing as the real thing, and last longer too!

Start a visual revolution

Family photographs add a wonderful, personal touch to every home. They tell a shared history, capturing golden moments that open the doors to a thousand other memories. No doubt the ones you have on display in your house are precious to you, but they’re only part of your treasure trove. Use some of your time to swap out your framed photos for others. You’ll not only change the appearance of your side tables, mantels and walls, but you’ll be creating conversation starters for the whole family, and reminding them of special moments they may have forgotten.

Changing places

Similar to the pictures, there are other little changes you can make, like moving objects such as vases and decorative items. Surely you spent hours or even days when you first brought these things to your residence, trying to find the perfect spot. And we’re sure that there was more than one contender.

So switch it up and see what your alternative reality might have looked like. It seems a silly exercise, but changing our visual patterns and expectations gives our brains a workout. And this exposure to change is what our minds need now more than ever.

As an added, and slightly mischievous bonus, you can move things without telling the rest of your family. See how fast they feel that something is different, without quite being able to put their finger on it. And then see how long it takes them to pinpoint what changed!

Romantic dinners by candlelight

It’s easy to fall into a rut at home, becoming dissatisfied because it feels like nothing is new. But instead of getting swept into negativity, try something simple that will lift everyone’s spirits: dressing your table.

Don’t be afraid to get a bit fancy. Bring out the candlesticks and make dinner special. This is a supremely easy action that has a tremendous positive effect. Think of all the associations we have with candlelit dinners: romantic nights, special celebrations, family gatherings. Seeing a table set properly with these little added touches will bring back a flood of good memories and uplift your spirit.

Out with the old

Though it may be a cliché, there really is no time like the present to tackle those nagging projects you never have time for. And if you don’t have the concentration to write that novel, you can at least get rid of objects you’re no longer using. A cluttered space makes for a cluttered mind, as they say, and it will do you a world of good to have a tabula rasa.

Not only will you gain physical space in your home by ridding yourself of things you don’t need, but you’ll gain the mental space that clean lines and simplicity offer. You’ll find, too, that fewer objects bring your really special pieces into focus, allowing them to shine. And you may even realize that you’re ready for a whole new aesthetic when you begin the next chapter of your life.

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