The Home Away from Home of Abama Luxury Resort: Hedonism Wines

When we find ourselves obliged to venture to London, there’s only one place that offers the tranquility of our luxury resort. Here are some photos from our latest event at Mayfair’s most exclusive wine boutique.

Try as we might to remain in our Abama oasis full-time, we occasionally find ourselves obliged to venture to London. The magnetism of this bustling metropolis is undeniable, but we do have moments where we yearn for a bit of the tranquility of our luxury resort. Enter Hedonism Wines.

Mayfair’s wine shop to end all wine shops is the place to go when you want that special bottle you can’t find anywhere else, but it’s also a respite from London’s grinding pace. Relax, listen to music, and enjoy a glass of Château Lafite. Why, it all sounds very Abama.

Earlier this month we hosted an exclusive event at our favourite home away from home. Custom cocktails and canapés greeted our guests, all equally eager to step away from the London summer and dream about the Canary Islands.

We were happy to oblige. Our luxury resort community continues to grow every year, but retains, much like Hedonism, that magical combination of elegance and repose that it has had since its conception. Many thanks to Hedonism and to all our guests for an unforgettable evening. See you at Abama!

Hedonism Wines in Mayfair
Guests of Abama luxury resort
Abama luxury resort reps in London
Wine tasting at Hedonism Wines for Abama luxury resort
Entertainment at the Abama luxury resort event
Invitees at Hedonism Wines
Guests of Abama's exclusive event
Hedonism Wines hosts Abama luxury resort event
Attendees at the Hedonism Wines event

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