Surprises near our properties on Tenerife: Canary Islands egg liqueur

Living in our properties on Tenerife means much more than enjoying Abama Luxury Resort’s eternal spring. Discover the delicious flavours of its products and traditional dishes.

Living in our properties on Tenerife, or enjoying them for a season every year, means much more than enjoying Abama Luxury Resort’s eternal spring. It even goes beyond sunbathing on the island’s many beaches, traversing the impressive volcanic landscapes, or discovering hidden corners of incomparable beauty. Residing on Tenerife is a chance to discover the delicious flavours of the products and traditional dishes that will awaken not only your taste buds, but every one of your five senses. We’ve already introduced you to Agüimes olive oil, the delightful Canary Islands cheeses, and nutritious gofio; today we present Canary Islands egg liqueur.

Egg liqueur is not only consumed in the Fortunate Isles; it also has a known place in various central European countries, as well. But in the Canaries, it’s a common beverage at any important celebration. It can be the perfect final touch for the eagerly anticipated Christmas dinner, or serve just as well at the end of any meal you want to make special. Canary Islands egg liqueur has an unmistakable flavour whether enjoyed at room temperature or cold. If you want your guests to enjoy it with peak flavour, prepare it the night before and let it sit overnight to gain liquidity and develop body and an extraordinarily smooth texture.

Before explaining how to make this delicious liqueur at your exclusive home on Tenerife, you should know that egg, as the principal ingredient of this cocktail, makes it an excellent source of vitamins, proteins, and minerals. The yolk protects your nervous system, contributes to improving the functionality of your cells, and removes fatty deposits from your arteries. Meanwhile, the whites have an elevated protein content and improve vision.

All these benefits should serve as encouragement to try this exceptional Canary Islands product. Best of all, this nutritious, delicious beverage is simple and quick to produce. The proportions can vary, but the ingredients are basic and easy to find in any market. So take note, and you won’t fail to impress your guests!


750 ml of milk
1 litre of 96º alcohol
500 g of sugar
6 egg yolks
3 egg whites
A vanilla bean


Place the sugar, milk, and vanilla bean in a pan and heat to near-boiling. When the mixture reaches the required temperature, set it aside to cool.

Beat the egg whites and yolks together in a separate bowl, then pour in the milk mixture once it has cooled.

Finally, add the alcohol and strain it to remove the foam, storing the resulting liqueur in a tightly sealed bottle. You may need to strain it several times to achieve the perfect texture.

As we said, it’s ideal to make this beverage the day before you plan to consume it at our properties on Tenerife in Abama Resort. Serve it with a bit of cinnamon and leave your guests delighted, not only with the presentation, but also with a combination of flavours that will delight even the most discerning of palates.

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