José Miguel Mesa, Guía de Isora’s Councilman for Urban Development and Tourism

Guía de Isora’s Councilman for Urban Development and Tourism talks with us about the future of the municipality.

What objectives does the Guía de Isora Administration have in terms of tourism development in the area and on the island?

The management of tourism issues by our Administration is governed by a strategy designed to serve various projects that promote constant innovation, daily promotional support and public-private collaboration among all the entities in the municipality. Guía de Isora will soon become an example of best practice in the sector because of our growing luxury accommodation offer. We are home to some of the best hotels in Europe and we plan to continue along these lines. We’ve created a tourism development model designed to back products of quality.

Tourism management throughout the island as a whole needs to go several steps further than it has up to this point. Staying competitive in a system that is becoming more complex but offers fewer resources demands integrated management practices that lead to a consistent and complete tourism experience in which all the pieces fit together perfectly. This is why all the parties involved should agree on our criteria and work together to overcome these barriers, making it easier to face the continual changes that the sector demands. Becoming as competitive as we would like to be is an objective that will be met by establishing rigorous standards of quality.

Have you noticed any significant changes in the quality of the resorts and communities in Guía de Isora and Tenerife?

Absolutely. There’s been a marked increase in the demand for luxury tourism products in the past few years, which has encouraged us to back even more quality projects. We also currently enjoy a high number of repeat visitors, and many of them have even opted to purchase a second home here. This kind of loyalty is difficult to achieve these days, as the 21st century traveller has the power to control and inform herself of every aspect of her vacation before arriving at her destination. We must therefore constantly update our offer in order to satisfy the needs of our visitors. These are travellers who demand exclusive, personalized, unique service.
You have a personal connection with Abama. Has having worked in a resort given you a useful perspective for carrying out your duties in the public sphere?

Of course. Abama is a family that works together towards the same goal: excellence. Every member of this family is aware of the importance of satisfying the needs of its guests through personalized, exclusive and differentiated service. The knowledge and skill set that I was able to take on board during my time at Abama serve me every day in my work in the Administration. Our residents all have the right to receive personalized service and have their needs attended to as quickly as possible, because they have put their trust in us.

In terms of the visitors to our area, we must be capable of adapting ourselves to meet their needs and thereby achieve their return, but we also have to remember that tourists come to experience life as it is lived here. We must be able to offer them the things that distinguish us from other tourism destinations.

From a professional point of view, what significance does Abama’s presence have for Guía de Isora?

Abama has been a pioneer in the luxury accommodation offer in Guía de Isora, as a project that includes a 5-star hotel, luxury properties, an 18-hole golf course that many of our visitors count as among the best in Europe, ample tennis and spa facilities and two restaurants with Michelin Stars. In short, it has opened the doors to excellence in Guía de Isora.

What’s expected of tourism development in the area in the coming years?

Currently, Guía de Isora is an emerging destination that has put its support behind first-rate developments. We have chosen to back five new tourism accommodation projects of the highest quality that will favour growth in the municipality and consolidate Guía de Isora’s position as a destination of quality. Altogether, Guía de Isora has the most favourable projections for tourism in Tenerife.

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