If you have a property at Abama, here are 5 easy-to-prepare appetizers for a day at the beach

If you own a property at Abama, you know it’s difficult to resist our own lovely beach. Here are a few simple and delicious recipes to bring with you next time you head down to the cala.

We all know that one of the best ways to enjoy a day on Tenerife is at the beach. If you’re lucky enough to already have a property at Abama Luxury Resort, surely you’re an expert in the lovely climate and the many wonderful beaches on the island. Urban, virgin, big and small, the Tenerife beaches are rich and varied. But, if you’re already a resident of Abama, it’s difficult to resist our own lovely beach. Accessible by foot from our luxury residences or by the train run by The Ritz-Carlton, Abama, the Abama beach is distant from the bustle of the city and surrounded by the pristine ocean waters of the Atlantic.

If you’re a regular of our Beach Club or one of the many great restaurants within Abama Resort, it’s possible that you’ve never thought to bring your own picnic chock-full of delicious local ingredients. But we want to encourage you to become the chef for a day and create your own menu that you can enjoy during your day of sun and sand. Here are just a few simple and delicious recipes to bring with you to the beach.

Watermelon salad

This is one of the best possible choices for a picnic day. Try something unique by combining watermelon, cubes of Feta cheese and black olives. Season it with a good amount of virgin olive oil, salt, mint leaves and pepper. It’s a fresh and tasty starter perfect for any summer day, and so easy to make you won’t even believe it.

Murcian salad

What about a nice Spanish dish? A Murcian salad is a good option if you’re interested in having something savoury. It’s made with crumbled cod (usually soaked the day before) that you can probably buy in most any supermarket, ripe tomatoes, olives, and boiled egg. Season to taste with salt and oil, and best if it’s virgin olive oil, as you won’t find any better than that offered in Spain.

Potato tortilla

One item you can’t forget for a beach picnic is a potato (or Spanish) tortilla. It’s fairly easy to prepare and, once you’ve mastered the basics, will become pretty irresistible. Simply fry potato rounds until they are tender, beat some eggs and add in the sautéed potatoes before putting the mixture into a frying pan until it’s cooked through. The real recipe also calls for sauteed diced onions to be added to the potatoes, but we’ll leave this ingredient’s addition up to you.

Salmon rolls

One delicious possibility is smoked salmon rolls filled with cream cheese or Requeson, chives, dill, greens, and diced radishes. It’s a fresh and healthy appetizer that’s easy to eat on the beach. Season the filling with Jerez vinegar, olive oil, and salt to give it the master touch, and ready!


A light and heavenly dessert that’s easy to make. You’ll just have to set aside a bit of time a few hours before your departure. Create a base made from crumbled cookies and butter. Then top it with a mixture made of 250g of whipped cream cheese, 2 teaspoons of milk, 100g of butter, 2 eggs, sugar to taste, and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Cook for 18-22 minutes at 180 degrees. If you like, you can add some marmelade to the top for an extra touch.

So there you have it: everything you need to make your own lunch with our recipes and enjoy an unforgettable day at the beach. And don’t forget to complement it with cold drinks from the Beach Club!

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