Get in shape this summer at the Annabel Croft Tennis Academy: Abama Luxury Residences’ other professional sport machine

It’s summer at our luxury residences on Tenerife, the perfect time to get fit at the Annabel Croft Tennis Academy.

It’s summer at our luxury residences on Tenerife, the perfect time to get fit at the Annabel Croft Tennis Academy. The season demands nothing less than full attention to getting out of doors, playing sport and enjoying yourself with friends and family in one of the most charming corners of the world. Golf, tennis, walking, and watersport, all just a stone’s throw from your exclusive home at Abama: prepare yourself for the endless choices you won’t want to turn your back on.

Our tremendous sport offer is, for many, one of the principal motivations that our active residents have chosen to live at Abama. They can practice their favourite discipline without leaving the spectacular natural environment that our complex enjoys, making the quality of life nearly impossible to match. Among our professional sport facilities our marvellous golf course is a standout, but no less worthy of admiration are our tennis and paddle tennis courts, whose quality and privileged location make them among the best-rated in Europe.

Incomparable Teide landscapes and panoramic views of the Atlantic and La Gomera are the backdrop for our 7 Flexi®-Pave tennis courts and 4 paddle courts, all excellently lit. Together with a rest area and other services that include terraced seating, changing rooms, and parking, it’s the perfect destination for committed tennis players, whether professional or amateur, to spend long days, matches, and training sessions dedicated to improving their game and turning themselves into the summer kings of the court.

To that end, the Annabel Croft Tennis Academy offers an incredible training programme designed for and adapted to all levels of play. It is based on the philosophy of “movement and repetition”, applied with great success in Annabel Croft’s other prestigious international academies.

With a sport offer difficult to match in Europe, our fortunate property owners and residents can choose personalized classes, or sign themselves up for one of the numerous intensive courses or specialized programmes structured in accordance with the level and objectives of the individual player. What’s more, the academy offers all the information available about the various tennis and paddle tournaments here at Abama, as well as special clinics and exhibition matches featuring some of the best tennis players in the world.

It’s all here, supervised by a team of professionals who are highly qualified and have international experience, and trained in the most advanced teaching techniques employed by Annabel Croft, one of the former professionals most lauded for her sport pedagogy.

So if you’re planning on spending your leisure days in our exclusive resort and you want to fill your days with the maximum amount of enjoyment, don’t wait! Begin preparing yourself today. At the Annabel Croft Tennis Academy you’ll find everything you need to get yourself up to snuff and challenge anyone, in any match, out on the courts. Get more information and book your court already…time is flying!

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