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Dances of the Magos: a great evening close to your property in Tenerife

Dances of the Magos near your property in Tenerife

Enjoying the warm summer nights is one of the privileges of owning a property in Tenerife. The mild evening temperatures beckon you to go out, dance, enjoy the starlit sky from any one of the fantastic terraces around Abama, or just have a walk in the moonlight. And though you’ll find an unparalleled culinary and leisure offer right here on the grounds, the island of Tenerife also provides unlimited opportunities to dive into local holiday traditions whose charms and diversity offer unique experiences. Such is the case with the popular Dances of the Magos.

“Mago” is a local term that means “farmer”. And that’s how this festival, in which the locals dress up in traditional rural costumes and enjoy music and food outdoors, came to be known as “Dances of the Magos”.

The Dances of the Magos, therefore, are an important part of the various local annual celebrations in villages all over Tenerife. Traditional dance groups will make the rounds at these events and, dressed in traditional Canary Islands costumes, perform dances as the locals enjoy the spectacle, each other, and food typical of the archipelago.

Normally these traditional events are celebrated out of doors, which means that the organisers often set up an official controlled access point, but entrance is usually free. Inside the grounds, there is not only a special area for dance, but also other areas dedicated to entertainment, traditional food, and local wine and beverages. The doors open at nightfall, and slowly the participants begin arriving, the majority dressed in traditional garb.

The Dances of the Magos happen all over the island throughout the summer, so if you have the fortune to spend a bit of leisure time at your exclusive residence in Tenerife, it shouldn’t be difficult to plan a magic night of integrating into the local community and experiencing something unique to the Canary Islands.

Here are just some of the dates from June to the beginning of autumn on which various villages will celebrate their Dances of the Magos:

The 28th of June there will be one in La Orotava and the 29th in El Sauzal; the 6th of July in Puerto de la Cruz and, in the middle of the month, on the 12th, there will be another Dance of the Magos in San Benito, La Laguna. The 20th and the 27th they will be celebrated in Candelaria and El Rosario, respectively. And then in August, on the 17th, there will be one in honour of San Roque in Chiguergue, Guía de Isora, and another in Vilaflor. And if you’re not able to escape in summer, you’ll have another opportunity on the 16th of November in Santiago del Teide.

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend one of these interesting celebrations of tradition, dance, and gastronomy. Organise an evening excursion with family and friends, and check out the full calendar of the Romerías and Dances of the Magos for 2019 on local tourism sites like https://casa-balcones.com/guia-de-romerias-2019/ and http://loscalados.es/fiestas-y-romerias/.

You choose where and when and get ready to enjoy a unique experience at a Dance of the Magos. It will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!

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