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Attention golfers of Abama Luxury Residences: new tournament circuit dates

Abama Luxury Residences sponsors European golf tournaments

Spring is in the air, and even away from our luxury residences in Tenerife, the promise of good weather has arrived. At last warm breezes are blowing in longed-for aromas of flowers, sun, and the ocean. And with this warm season comes the time to enjoy all our favourite outdoor activities. This year, once again, golf aficionados will delight because you’re about to be given more than a dozen opportunities to face other golfers and share your favourite pastime in beautiful environs, thanks to a new set of tournaments organized by All Square Invitational and Golf by Ratio.

All Square, operating in the best European golf courses and sponsored by, among others, Abama Luxury Resort, will kick off in April in Luxembourg and carry on through June at incredible clubs in Belgium and Switzerland. Golf by Ratio has developed a circuit in Belgium over 8 different courses. The games begin the 14th of April and extend until the end of July.

If the spirit of competition has been awoken in you and you want to travel with us through some of the best venues in Europe, consult the list of tournaments below and see if they coincide with a stay in your native country. Of course, you’ll have to spend a few days away from your luxury property in Tenerife, but your passion for golf is probably worth the sacrifice. Get ready to experience a wonderful day of sport!

Golf by Ratio:


Golf de Rigenée – 14/04/2018
Durbuy Golf – 13/05/2018
Kempense Golf – 17/05/2018
La Bawette – 21/06/2018
Palingbeek Golf & Country Club – 26/06/2018
Oudenaarde Golf Club – 08/07/2018
Cleydael Golf Club – 24/07/2018
Millennium Golf Club – 05/08/2018

All Square:


Kikuoka – 22/04/2018
Grand Ducal – 13/06/2018
Golf de Preisch – 30/06/2018


Rinkven Golf Club – 27/05/2018
Royal Zoute Golf Cub Knokke – 10/06/2018


Golf Club de Genève – 05/05/2018

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