Advice for lovers of golf at Abama this summer

Follow these simple pieces of advice and enjoy your favourite sport and one of Tenerife’s best golf courses without leaving the comfort of Abama Resort in Tenerife.

Residents of Abama are choosing to spend more and more of their leisure days enjoying the benefits of having bought a property for sale in our resort. Here, luxury and first-class services combine to offer a multitude of activities managed to the highest possible standards.

One of the activities preferred by our community of owners is, without a doubt, golf, and summertime is a season in which many dust of their golf clubs and make a return to their favourite sport.

But if your winter routine (or northern weather) kept you from the greens for several months, you’ll have to take a few precautions if you’re now planning to jump back in full throttle. While golf may not be the most physically demanding sport, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t test the waters and glide in slowly.

So if you’re looking for the best way to combine golf, leisure, relaxation time and, of course, the beach, look no further than Abama golf. Follow our little tips and practice your swing with no hesitation while enjoying a truly spectacular course and stunning views.

Plan a golf day tailored just for you

Before getting out there, assess your current physical shape. Be honest with yourself and make sure you’re physically up to the route you’ve planned. And once you’ve given yourself the green light, pick the right time of day. Summer on the coast of Tenerife can be hot, so try to get an early tee time when the sun is still low and the grass wet from the morning dew. Sundown or just before could also be a good time.

Prepare yourself for some physical exercise!

Like every sport, golf requires a little prior preparation. Stretch a bit and try to get in a good warmup to condition your muscles to do some work for you!

Eat well

Before: Drink at least 600-800ml of wáter before doing any sport to prevent possible injury due to dehydration. And try to avoid eating a massive breakfast before exercising. It’s better to eat fruit, with its high concentration of water and vitamins, and compliment it with an extra portion of carbohydrates that will give your body the fuel it needs to last all morning.

During: One of the main dangers of summer sport activity is, as mentioned above, dehydration. You must drink some 2-3 litres of water or isotonic beverages per day to keep it at bay, and consume it in small quantities with high frequency. Don’t sit down and drink a liter all at once; ideally, you should drink all day so you never experience a sensation of thirst. It’s also a good idea to carry along fresh fruit to keep yourself hydrated, and dried fruit or nuts in case you find yourself in need of a quick pick-me-up.

After: When the day is done, it’s essential that you take time to recover from the effort and reestablish the proper levels of hydration and sugar. A good snack will make you good as new and ready to enjoy the rest of the day with your companions.

Be sure your gear is adequate

Make sure you’re wearing light clothes and light colours, both of which will help you withstand the heat. We recommend that you leave your baseball cap at home and perhaps try a visor that will protect your face but leave your hair free in the wind. Bring an extra set of gloves just in case yours get damp and you need to replace them. The Abama golf store has everything you need, in case you’ve forgotten something.

Protect your skin from the sun

It hardly needs to be mentioned, but when doing any activity outdoors, you must not forget to protect yourself from the damage that the sun and the salty air can do to your skin. A good sun cream and the use of a good moisturizer after you come inside should keep your skin in good condition throughout the day. Even so, though you may be wearing sunscreen, keep to the shade of one of our magnificent palms whenever possible.

Kick back after an intense day of golf

A good massage and spa session at the Casa Club, tailor-made for you just like the rest of our 5-star facilities at Abama Luxury Resort, will make you feel like new. Treat yourself and give yourself the break that you deserve after a day of physical exertion. And if you still have the energy, call for a reservation at one of our many gourmet restaurants. Sounds pretty irresistible…

If you’re planning on passing your leisure days with us combining sand, sun, and golf, follow these simple pieces of advice and enjoy your favourite sport and one of Tenerife’s best golf courses without leaving the comfort of Abama Resort in Tenerife. You’ll want to stay for a lifetime!

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