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A new Golf Clinic: one more thing to enjoy from our properties at Abama

Weekly Golf Clinic at the properties at Abama Resort

The properties at Abama have many things to offer, of which the springtime climate and the exotic landscape are only two. Living in southern Europe’s best luxury resort also allows you to enjoy exceptional services and facilities, and today we let you in on a fantastic opportunity that’s right at your fingertips.

Our Dave Thomas golf course, whose extraordinary expanse winds between palm trees and white sand bunkers on the west face of the Teide, has made Abama one of the top destinations for golf aficionados. Each year more residents and visitors discover this noble pastime thanks to our lovely Casa Club clubhouse and the wonderful support of the professionals at the prestigious Abama Golf Academy. Personalized lessons, courses of different durations, tournaments for residents and professionals…Abama Tenerife’s sport offer speaks for itself.

And now, to add to the list of attractions that brought you to our exclusive properties on Tenerife to begin with, we’ve one more: golf initiation is easier than ever thanks to our new weekly Golf Clinics. Since the 15th of January, 2019, every Tuesday from 15-15:50h, our highly qualified golf instructor Sebastian Miller has been at the disposal of owners looking to take their first steps into golf and familiarize themselves with swings, putts, and approaches.

If playing sport outside with views of La Gomera sounds appealing, and you like the idea of a “good walk spoiled” among palm trees and more than 300 species of subtropical plants, don’t hesitate a moment longer. Come down to the Abama Resort Golf Academy. We’ll provide all the equipment you need to enjoy 50 intense minutes of training in techniques and the fundamentals required to get you out on the greens this spring.

Reserve your spot at the Weekly Golf Clinic by contacting us at info@abamagolf.com or calling +34 922 58 96 23. Say goodbye to complacency and hello to one of the greatest sports on Earth!

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Both romantic and roomy, the superb residences at Los Jardines de Abama are designed with a rare degree of finesse and refinement

From garden apartments facing the island of La Gomera to duplex first- or second-floor homes with spacious ocean-facing terraces, there’s sure to be a unit that fits you to perfection.

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