6 plans for young and old alike near your exclusive home on Tenerife

If you’re looking to make family plans near your exclusive home on Tenerife, here are 6 ideas for discovering new places and values that will benefit the younger generation.

When you’re looking to make family plans near your exclusive home on Tenerife, surely you seek activities that provide interest for the adults without boring the kids. Or plans that kids love but the adults can still keep up with. On the fascinating island of Tenerife, where Abama Luxury Resort is located, it can be arduous to select a plan with so many options at hand. But here below we offer 6 comprehensive ideas that will allow you to enjoy each other’s company while discovering new places and values that will ultimately benefit the younger generation.

Abama Kids Club

This post may be about leaving the resort with your children, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our brand new Abama Kids Club. This spectacular addition to the amenities offered by Abama is a joy for children and parents alike. Open every day with a flexible schedule depending on the activities and needs of guests and residents, this is a destination for pure learning and enjoyment that will give your smallest family members incredible insight into what makes Tenerife unique. Art, science, sports, and culture all have a place here in our home for explorers aged 4-14. For more information, you can check out the brochure and pricing list, or contact the Kids Club directly at +34 922 839 157. Prebooking is essential!

Conquer El Teide

Teide National Park is a perfect place to visit as a family and a mere half-hour drive from Abama. As Spain’s highest peak, at 3718 meters, the volcano offers breathtaking views. And its wealth of fascinating historical and archaeological riches have earned it its place as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the walking paths, stop at the lookouts, take an unforgettable cable car ride, and enjoy every delighted face your children exhibit. To make the visit both enjoyable and educational, we suggest a stop into one of the visitor centres like Portillo, with free entry. Children will learn about the formation of the Teide, as well as embark on scientific discoveries of its diverse flora and fauna.

Explore the Cueva del Viento (Cave of the Wind)

Tenerife boasts the fifth largest network of volcanic tubes in the world in its Icod de los Vinos Valley; just an hour from your home at Abama, you can go spelunking with the kids and discover the volcanoes from within. Organized guided tours to La Cueva del Viento are available throughout the year and are offered in several languages. Though the extensive historical explanations probably won’t thrill the children, they’ll love exploring the cave interior. Make sure they take care and wear appropriate clothes and shoes!

Take a dip in a natural pool

Beyond the heavenly beaches, one of the undisputed treasures of our island is its impressive range of natural pools. Though some require caution, like the cave pool of Tancón, there are other equally spectacular pools with areas specifically designed for children.

In Los Silos, for example, just an hour from your exclusive home on Tenerife, volcanic eruptions have created an incredible saltwater pool. El Charco de Los Chochos — so called because, historically, peasants soaked lupins or chochos there to leach out their bitterness — is ideal for family bathing thanks to its easy access and maximum depth of 2 metres.

In Bajamar, an hour and a half away from Abama, you’ll find a perfect pool for small children, in addition to two designed for adults. These Blue Flag pools ensure that you’ll only have to worry about enjoying yourself. They offer multiple services, including the all-important lifeguards, restaurants to restore your body after a swim, and various activities organized by the City of San Cristóbal de La Laguna.

Whale and dolphin spotting

If seeing a dolphin emerge from the ocean is a delight for adults, imagine the reactions of your children, grandchildren, or nephews at the sight of their spontaneous leaps, or when the kids first behold the immensity of a whale. Nature’s awe-inspiring encounters are frequent in the Canary Islands — which registers the most sightings of wild cetaceans in Europe — and especially in the south of Tenerife, just 15 minutes from Abama. In Puerto Colón, Los Cristianos and Los Gigantes, different companies offer routes of varying length that allow you to see dolphins and whales in all their splendour. Do some research and be sure the company you choose is respectful towards the environment and the animals.

Get lost in the Pijaral Natural Reserve

Last but not least, a trip to the Bosque Encantado (Enchanted Forest) is bound to be a hit, making the two-hour trip between it and Abama well worth the trip. We are talking about the trail that crosses this natural area, but the truth is that the entire Anaga massif is like a dream that encourages you to lose yourself among the trees and travel back in time, exploring its singular flora and the prehistoric ferns that dominate the landscape. You have to apply for a permit before you set out on this excursion, as the government tries to regulate the tourism flow through the Nature Reserve. And be sure you explain this to your little ones so they are conscious of the importance of caring for the environment that surrounds them.

So, have you decided the best place to take your kids? Each child is different, but we hope we’ve provided something for everyone. Leave your exclusive home on Tenerife behind and enjoy a day out with the family as never before.

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