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5 Simple starters to enjoy on the terrace of your property at Abama

Starters to enjoy from the terrace of your property at Abama

If you’re one of the fortunate owners of one of our properties at Abama Tenerife, you’re already familiar with our excellent weather and the beauty of the Tenerife sky. For many of our residents, enjoying an afternoon or evening in their garden or on one of our resort’s fantastic terraces, breathing in the clean, fresh island breeze in the company of family and friends, is one of their favourite pleasures. It’s not for nothing that when we began to develop our residential community that the first apartments were dubbed Las Terrazas. Because enjoying the magnificent ocean views from home is a joy for many and because it is even better to do it accompanied by some lovely hors d’oeuvres, here are a few ideas for simple dishes that can be enjoyed al fresco on your Las Terrazas terrace.

Canary Island Tomato and Beet Gazpacho

You’ve already been introduced to the delicious intensity and flavour of local ingredients. The Canary Island tomato is a wonderful product, ideal for salads and salsas, and a basic ingredient in many and varied recipes. Add one or two beets (which you can buy already cooked and packaged) to the traditional recipe containing onion and pepper. And of course don’t forget the olive oil! Chop it all up and you can enjoy a fresh and healthy starter that’s perfect for a summer day.

Pasta Salad with Burgos Cheese

One item that always comes out on top is the classic pasta salad, fresh and easy to prepare. Whether fusilli or farfalle, you can add Burgos cheese, a type of typical Spanish fresh cheese that is very mild and creamy, or mozzarella if you prefer more familiar flavours. Add some tuna marinated in olive oil or some olives. The options are endless, and even the little ones will like it!

Melon and Iberian Ham Maki

Have you ever tried this deliciously sweet and savoury combination, typical in Spain? If not, you must! Fresh and delicious, it’s a must-have defence against the heat, and the combination of flavours is irresistible. Normally the dish calls for cutting melon in slices and including ham on the side. But if you like to get a little creative, try dressing this starter up like sushi: place two strips of ham on a sushi mat, cover with sushi rice, and place a long piece of melon on top. Roll it all up and cut it like maki.

Cold cake

Another popular starter is a cold cake. To begin, make the filling with lettuce, hard-boiled egg, shrimp, tuna in olive oil and olives. Mix it with mayonnaise and wrap it in bread as if it were a roll. To join the slices, use mayonnaise to cover. You can present it as a roll and distribute it as your guests prefer, or cut it as soon as it comes out of the refrigerator and serve on decorative plates. Use your imagination and dazzle your friends with a unique presentation!

Atlantic Croaker Ceviche

Peruvian ceviche is becoming a must-have on any sophisticated appetiser menu, and it’s a wonderful and easily prepared dish if you want to serve light, fresh fish. You can make it with the delicious Canary Island wild Croaker (corvina), or else with Bream (dorada) or shrimp. The fish needs to be marinated in lemon or lime juice and then mixed with tomatoes, pepper, cucumber or mango and seasoned with pepper, lime, cilantro or parsley. Whatever your surprise combination, it’s sure to taste delightful! Serve with some toasted bits of good bread and you’ll have a delicious dish that everyone will heap praise on.

We hope you’ll use these suggestions to hold some unforgettable gatherings on the fantastic terrace of your luxury property in Tenerife, inviting your friends and neighbours to enjoy your outdoor space at Abama as you gaze out over the marvellous views of the Atlantic Ocean and La Gomera.

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