365 days per year of golf? It's possible from your luxury home on Tenerife

Whether or not you’re already a golf lover, don’t pass up an opportunity to enjoy the unique golf experience at Abama Resort, just a few steps from your luxury home on Tenerife.

The gentle breeze of the Atlantic accompanying glimpses of La Gomera, the perfect technique of your swing and, in the background, your exceptional luxury home on Tenerife. Enjoying this golf idyll 365 days a year is a reality for the residents of Abama, and a dream that you can capture if you decide to buy a luxury property in one of the best golf resorts in Europe. An unparalleled gastronomic destination featuring two Michelin-starred restaurants, an exclusive spa, and a near-private beach and pier round out an experience that would delight any golfer.

Thanks to its privileged location on the west face of the Teide, Abama Golf is considered to be one of the best golf resorts in Europe (ranked 21st in the Top 100 list created by leadingcourses.com, and 1st in the Canary Islands). It combines a perfectly planned and technically demanding course with incredible panoramic views, offering golfers of all ages and abilities an experience of maximum enjoyment. Designed in 2005 by Dave Thomas (1934-2013), a Welsh former pro and renowned golf course architect, this par-72 course is meticulously distributed over 6,271 metres and ensconced in a landscape featuring more than 25,000 palm trees, white sand bunkers, and a multitude of lakes connected by waterfalls. The majority of the 18 holes offer incomparable views of the ocean and other Canary Islands, a delight within reach of those who own one of our luxury properties on Tenerife.

Here, you can enjoy our exclusive resort’s first-class sport facilities throughout the year. The course is open from 7:30 AM to 7:00 PM, and all activities are coordinated from the Casa Club, located at the centre of the golf course and welcoming guests with an ambiance of repose, peace, and stunning beauty.

In addition to the incomparable competition course, at Abama you can also take advantage of the services offered by our reputable academy. Residents of our luxury resort are frequent visitors here, aiming to perfect their game, improve their putting, or even take their first step into the noble game of golf. With a team of reputable professionals ready to teach you everything they know, you’re able to enjoy, literally steps from the door of your luxury property on Tenerife, a 5-hectare practice area that includes 3 par-3 holes. Play with Pedro da Silva, one of our expert pros, or get advice from Sebastián Miller and Peter Luyten while you improve your technique on the chipping or putting greens.

For those looking to make improvements, our prestigious academy offers a number of different services, from private classes (by the hour or by number of holes), to personalised lessons. The courses for beginners include equipment, so you won’t have to worry about renting clubs or other items before you familiarize yourself with the sport. There are also lesson packages available, one of 3 days (12 hours) and another of 5 days (20 hours), that include tactical, technical, and rules instruction that will get any beginner off the ground and ready to defend his honour with a club in his hand, or help those who have already fallen in love with the game to reduce their handicaps.

You can find all the information you’ll need about these courses by getting in touch with the Academy on +34 922 126 300 or sending an email to academia@abamagolf.com.

Whether or not you’re already a golf lover, don’t pass up an opportunity to enjoy this unique golf experience at Abama Resort, just a few steps from your luxury home on Tenerife. Enjoy the incredible views of La Gomera as you get in your swings. The experience will be unforgettable.

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