Abama Solidaria

Abama Resort is a proud member of the Guía de Isora, Tenerife community

Standing in solidarity

In support of those most negatively affected by the coronavirus crisis, and in collaboration with the Government of Guía de Isora, we have initiated a series of charitable actions with the aim of supporting local populations in need. We hope to make this a permanent new avenue of community-building for Abama with more projects in the future.

Christmas campaign

In November we began our Christmas campaign. We are again accepting donations. 50% of the collected funds will go towards the purchase of basic food items for children, and the other 50% will be designated for the purchase of children’s toys for a variety of age ranges. Please click on the Donation Information link below to find out how to contribute.

Also, just in time for a special Christmas gift, Abama Solidaria has worked with an artist with Canary Island roots to develop a limited-edition necklace collection inspired by the Abama Beach. In addition to being a beautiful little Abama souvenir, 50% of sales proceeds will go to the Abama Solidaria account for our Christmas campaign and future actions.

Solidarity Gifts For Christmas

See and order the necklaces here, and watch the video below!

Abama Solidaria necklaces

Crowdfunding campaign

We launched a crowdfunding campaign in September to collect additional funds to go towards the Tablet Lending Program. We are proud to report that the generous donations totaled almost €7,000 and we were able to purchase and donate an additional 57 tablets to the local government.

This donation account will remain open so that anyone may contribute, at any time of the year, to the current Abama Solidaria campaign. Contributions are controlled by a notary public and anyone who donates will receive official documentation of his or her contribution as well as information about how the funds were used. Get more information about how you can donate to Abama Solidaria below.

Abama Solidaria Donation Info 11 2020

Donation of tablets

In September we donated 25 tablets to the Government of Guía de Isora for their distribution by the Education Department for their lending program.

The tablets are loaned to families with children that are vulnerable or do not have access to the digital tools they require for their schooling.

The photo below is from the delivery ceremony with the mayor, Josefa Mesa, and the Social Wellness Minister, Cathaysa Vargas, who stated that the contribution is a very welcome support to the government’s efforts to ensure that all children have equal access to the technology they need.

The Abama team presenting the tablets

Donation of basic necessities

In May 2020 we donated 2,700 kilos of food, 6,500 diapers and a variety of hygiene products to those most affected by the coronavirus crisis.

Our team is pleased to have the oportunity to collaborate on Abama Solidaria

Upcoming actions

We’re excited to be planning more upcoming actions, and more details will be posted as they become available.

Next steps

Contact our sales team for more information and enquiries into the exciting opportunities of the Abama resort.