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Our two Michelin starred restaurant.

M.B is the signature restaurant of the renowned Basque Chef Martín Berasategui. Martín’s all-consuming passion for cooking began early in his life; he learnt the secrets of the cookery trade from the age of 14 whilst aiding his mother in her own fish restaurant in San Sebastian.  Ten Years went by and Martin was awarded his first Michelin Star under his restaurant Lasarte. Since then Martin has gained, due to his passion and dedication to the art of culinary, a grand total of three Michelin stars, that to this day is the highest accolade for any chef. Overall, this renowned Chef has achieved an outstanding number of seven Michelin Stars in his restaurants around the world. Today, Martín’s inspired interpretations of Spanish cuisine have made him a household name throughout Spain and the rest of the world. His cooking is characterized not just by its creativity and inventiveness but also by a profound understanding of flavour and a deep respect for ingredients: qualities that can be found in abundance at M.B. Further, the restaurant’s natural ambiance of tranquility and simplicity enlighten all the exquisite flavours Martin’s dishes have to offer.


M.B achieved his first Michelin star for the restaurant in 2010. The 2014 Michelin Guide for Spain and Portugal continues to recognize the gourmet destination’s exceptional gastronomic standards both by retaining this star and awarding a second star in the command of the Chef Erlantz Gorotiza.


  • Children allowed from 6 years old onwards
  • Dress code:Formal Elegant
  • Open from 6.45pm to 11pm
  • Closed evey Sunday and Monday



M.B will be closed from the 15th of June until the 16th of July 2014.





- Red prawn carpaccio seasoned with Espelette pepper on a raifort tofu and a their biscuit

- Truffle gelatin on the bed of smooth foie-gras cream with sweet and salty touch

- Emulsified raw fennel pearls in risotto

- Barnyard egg yolk with herb carbonara, hints of beet, cheese and truffle

- Line-caught hake, served vichyssoise, truffle pearls and tomato fog

- Wild rabbit à la royale, on a bed of green cabbage, apple cores and perifollo root

- Cold basil essence with lemon sorbet, frozen juniper and hints of toasted almonds

- Iced chocolate spongeon a hazelnut cake, coffee ice cream and frozen whisky

115 € + 7% VAT



To enjoy the most of this experience, our restaurant chef will prepare a menu using all products offered by the daily market.

135 € + 7% VAT


For more information, please contact M.B at (+34)922 126 000 or MBhostess@ritzcarlton.com