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hellocanaryislands.com website

hellocanaryislands.com, the Canary Islands' promotional website

hellocanaryislands.com, the English version of the Canary Islands’ promotional website, has been nominated in the Leisure & Travel category of the “Website of the Year 2015” awards in the UK. These awards utilize the online votes of the British public to determine the best websites of the year over 19 different categories.

You can vote by going to the following page:

and in the “Leisure & Travel” category, voting for the website:

hellocanaryislands.com was launched in April of 2015 by Canary Islands Tourism and incorporates the latest technology and functionality to offer potential tourists the best navigation experience possible. More than 2,000 photos, illustrations and videos are on display along with visitor information designed to be of use at every possible moment: while tourists are deciding where to visit and planning their trip; while on vacation in the Islands and, once they’ve returned home, while organizing and sharing their memories.

In addition to the Spanish and English versions, the website is also operational in German, Italian, Dutch, French, Norwegian and Polish, and will eventually be available in a total of 14 languages. The hellocanaryislands.com domain name will also be translated into each of the languages for the purpose of making the website easy for tourists to remember.

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