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New Luxury Properties Available: Las Casas del Lago

Las Casas del Lago luxury properties

Las Casas del Lago Luxury Properties

Abama Luxury Residences is excited to announce that we will soon be releasing our newest luxury properties, Las Casas del Lago. Located in the upper zone of the resort, to the northwest of the Bellevue neighborhood and bordering our reservoir, these six single-family homes are designed to respond to our clients’ increasing demand for ocean views and clean modern design.

Located just off the main road that traverses the entire resort, Las Casas del Lago are ensconced on a terraced landscape elevated above the road, providing privacy and unobstructed views of the Atlantic and La Gomera. The private land ranges between 300-480m2 for each home, and the indoor surface areas range between 150-220m2, but each of Las Casas del Lago boasts a unique layout and design. Nonetheless, their common elements, including open-plan kitchens and living spaces, and their shared architect, Leonardo Omar, give these luxury properties a visual unity.

With suites-only bedrooms, private storage facilities, covered outdoor parking spaces, swimming pools and private gardens, Las Casas del Lago offer an incredible number of amenities while still remaining the most economical of our single-family homes, priced from under 1 million Euros. We are extremely excited to bring this product to market and look forward to welcoming new owners into the Abama community.

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