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A Summer Day in Flanders Hosted by our Luxury Golf Resort

Abama golf resort visits Oudenaarde, Belgium

When our team planned the Diamond Challenge 2016 in the depths of winter, little could we imagine how lovely the Belgian summer would be. But the past months have revealed Flanders in all its glory as we’ve had day after day of strong sun and light breezes for our luxury golf resort’s international events.

Our 5th stop on the tour brought us to Oudenaarde Golf & Country Club, in the heart of the Flemish Ardennes, on the 24th of July. The club’s two charming 18-hole courses unfold around its impressive centrepiece, Petegem Castle, built in 1847. It’s a true pleasure to walk among the ancient trees and natural water hazards, and we enjoyed every minute.

Here are just a few photos from the event. On to Kempense on the 11th of August!

Petegem Castle at Oudenaarde golf club
Golfers at the Abama luxury golf resort event
Participant in the Abama golf resort tournament
One of the winners of our golf tournament in Oudenaarde

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