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Attention all space-rangers, eco-warriors, superstars and scientists in the making!


Our new Kid`s Club offers over 305 square metres of indoor space as well as its own outside play area. Eight diverse zones created to challenge and develop the minds of little ones, everything from astronomy to local wildlife, sustainability to the latest in technology, theatrical skills to arts and crafts, can be discovered and enjoyed in the fabulous new facility. The re-designed space is inspired by and reflective of the aquatic world; vibrant hues of blue and green, brightly coloured fish, sea plants and bobbing boats exude vividly from the walls with colourful, oversized furniture filling the floor space and providing areas for retreating and relaxing amongst peers.

Experiences include:

Future eco-warriors will love the ‘Scientific Area’ where a series of workshops and games about the human body  as well as the process of our five senses are provided. This area with material will encourage curious children to examine surrounding flora, fauna and insects; a terrace will be home to a ecological garden to inspire ‘green fingers’. A planetarium with stars and planets projected onto the ceiling will allow our "little" guests to engage with the sky and learn about all celestial things within the galaxies as well as through our fantastic games. Here, they can also enjoy a class that empowers relaxation and provides understanding of the bodies needs and motorsenses.Performers with creative and artistic imaginations can be as flamboyant and dramatic as they choose with an array of talent competitions with friends in the ‘Theatre Space’. Creative types of a different nature will relish the ‘Hand Work Zone’ which will promote team work and drive innovation, imagination and a passion for design.
Other more effortless activities and experiences including movies, Wii’s, PS3, XBOX, PSPvita and a fish-shaped library with books for all ages is also available. Apart from our fabulous interior, we also provide many outdoor activities such as our Botanical Tour designed especially for children, where they can discover many interesting facts about nature in a fun yet educational manner, as well as cooking and gardening workshops.
The indoor zones are as follows: Planeterium Zone; The Theatre Space; Scientific Area; Chill-out Zone; Hand Work Space; Lego Zone; Reading Area and a Dining Area.

Conditions: Kid´s Club is complimentary to guests from 4 to 12 years of age between the hours of 10am and 6pm daily (except during lunch hours). A charge of 8€ per hour/child is implemented for childcare reservations at Kid´s Club between the hours of 6pm until midnight (reserve 24 hours in advance). Baby sitting available from 15€ per hour. Lunch and dinner can be provided for those attending the kids club for 14€ per child, per meal. Vat of 7% to be added to all charges. For further information regarding the specific weekly programmes please contact: